Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nancys boeing factory FIASCO

This status update is what started it all:

Then the comments began to swarm Nancy Pulosi like gay bees to semen flavoured honey, seen here:

If ever you want people to like your response, make sure to compare whoever is being attacked to Hitler. 

Ronny Rapaccuiuolo: the next Lee Harvey Oswald?

I prefer reading Franks post in the voice of WC Fields.

Treasonous wench, I say! Lowest order wenches belong in the kitchen see! She only cares about her own fortunes! Death by the gallows!

Well crack is an expensive habit, might as well become a politician!

I'm not quite sure what quote he is talking about, but there's little doubt in my mind that Nancy is a SOVIET!!

Being elected democratically into power, then making decisions is very anti-American. Only a demon from the depths of hell could ever pull off such a maneuver.

How many jobs have you created? Because if it's less than Nancy, I agree with you that a group of soldiers should fire machine guns into your chest.

If this ever happens, I hope that there is 24 hour news coverage by Fox News with a play-by-play by Mandingo and Peter North. 

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