Friday, November 4, 2011

PROUD Americans do not vote for KENYAN OBAMA!

Here comes trouble!

Leather jackets and Ray Bans were definitely a factor 

Definitely up there with World War II and 9/11

Isn't this treason or something?

Don't say these things Daryll! Giving an opinion contrary to popular belief isn't allowed!

Sosialists main goal :end this country. Make burgers illegal. Take away the guns!

Daryll. You need to stop smoking marijuana or you might turn into Obamatron,  the black transformer!

I like to think people liked this update because she got boo'd


With all these references to blackness being bad, I don't see why Thomas didn't remove the word 'weath' from his comment!

Apparently this guy doesn't believe in Democracy. Now we've got a Kenyan Communist in power, raised by wolves and muslims. Actually that seems like a pretty badass president. Just saying.

Alright that's all for today. More comments coming soon, so remember to check back later :)

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  1. These people.. live among us..

    This is a sad, depressing blog. D: